As a best selling author, and a member of the Order of Canada, I'm proud to release my third novel in The Paradise Series, Paradise on the Morrow.  I will post here to keep you informed, especially through COVID19. Following is a quote from my editor, Andrew Wetmore, regarding a problem with the first print run. 

 "Our first print run had an error that caused the pages to display badly (odd-numbered pages on the left side of a two-page spread, rather than the right). We have fixed this issue. If you receive a copy of the book with this issue, let us know and we will replace it at no cost to you."


ISBN 9 781 999 2687 4 9

You can order Paradise on the Morrow in a number of ways.

Through your local/favourite bookseller as well as the smaller independent book sellers.

My publisher  


  Finally, feel free to contact me personally. As always, you can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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 From the Heart 
Ripple Effect of the 
Comfort Heart

 If I Knew Then 
What I Know Now  
Lessons Learned 
Upside the Head  
Comfort Heart
A Personal Memoir   



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