Carol Ann Cole

Carol Ann Cole is a best-selling author, a professional speaker and the founder of a national fund-raiser – the Comfort Heart Initiative.

Already a member of the Order of Canada, Carol Ann has received many other prestigious awards.

Since launching COLEMIND in 1999 Carol Ann has given countless presentations that speak to the life-balance we all seek as well as change, teamwork, leadership, communication and humour. Carol Ann serves up the opportunity to take a fresh look at your own life.

Carol Ann is the author of four non-fiction books and one fiction.

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Books by Carol Ann

Fiction in Paradise Series


  Paradise 548 Front cover


Paradise 548



Non Fiction








 From the Heart 
Ripple Effect of the 
Comfort Heart

 If I Knew Then 
What I Know Now  
Lessons Learned 
Upside the Head  
Comfort Heart
A Personal Memoir   



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